George Washington’s Christmas Gift

December 23

Washington resigns as General

On this day in 1783, the most powerful man in the Western Hemisphere, the Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the United States who had achieved independence from Britain, the world’s strongest superpower, voluntarily surrendered his sword and his title to the Continental Congress in Annapolis, Maryland. He returned to his home in Mount Vernon, Virginia, expecting to live a quiet farm life.

His plans were derailed a few years later when he was elected to serve as President of the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

Maryland to Unveil Washington’s Resignation Speech
George Washington’s Resignation Speech – 7MB file

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  1. My favorite gift to give during Christmas day is a fruit basket with toys and gift certificates. they can really put a smile on someone’s face;~,

  2. George Washington remains about the most Amazing person in American history, a True Statesman, Warrior, and Christian Inspiration, a fit person to be Father of a Nation that was created as benefit to its Citizens. God bless George Washington and his prayers for America.

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