Democracy Day – Nepal

February 18

The Nepalese flag, the only non-rectangular national flag in the world, symbolizes the two religions of Nepal---Buddhism and Hinduism---and the peaks of the Himalayas.

For most of the half-century or so since Democracy Day was established in Nepal, the actual practice of democracy has been stifled or totally repressed.

Ironically, Democracy Day marks the return to power of a monarch, King Tribhuvan, in the early 1950s. The country had been run by a succession of despots known as the Rana dictatorship. For generations the Rana allowed the monarchy to remain but used the king as a puppet. In 1950 the pro-democratic King Tribhuvan fled the country with most of his family to India. The Rana declared the king’s 3 year-old great-nephew Gyanendra as the new king, as he was the most senior member of the family left in the country.

For whatever reason foreign powers refused to recognize the new king, and Tribhuvan, with support from India was able to topple the Rana rule.

Soon after, Tribhuvan’s son increased the monarch’s power, virtually taking over Parliament. The power of the monarch waxed and waned over the next half century.

In 2001 the Crown Prince Dipendra went on a shooting rampage, killing the entire royal family and then himself. Gyanendra, the former 3 year-old monarch, was once again the most senior member of the royal family left in the country. He reclaimed the throne, now at age 53.

On Democracy Day in 2004 King Gyanendra encouraged all Nepalese “to unite for making multiparty democracy meaningful through people-oriented politics.” (Democracy Day in Nepal)

The next year King Gyanendra celebrated Democracy Day by dissolving Parliament and seizing control of the entire country, ostensibly to curb Communist factions.  (BBC)

The Parliament regained control in 2007 and voted to abolish the monarchy once and for all. King Gyanendra’s reign, and the two and a half century old monarchy, is set to end in April this year [2008] after national elections are held.

[originally published Feb. 2008]

King Gyanendra’s Democracy Day Speech 2008

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  1. Especially, for Asia and African Political Leader’s and Public.In this Continentals Political Leader’s must think for System and Law. Pleases Stop the corruption and make nice system and law for Public and your own Coming Generation. I think this Political Leader’s they don’t have children or what? Think something for Country and People and then People call you Great Leader’s ok.

    These day’s everybody try to make money you know why, because this Generation Human are respect for Rich and Powerful People. I think that’s why everybody wants to make money. Actually if we think about our life then Important is Help Human, do something for poor people, think for others and our coming generation. Thing our self if we respect kindness and helpful people then, I think everybody try to follow to do this things and our coming Generation they will fell very happy about our country systems and us.

  2. Do they (Political Leader’s) know about Democracy, Human Right and Freedom for People of Nepal.

    Especially, This Massege for Nepali and Political Leaders.
    Honesty is very important for every thing. If you don’t follow, then our next generation get big problem, That’s why please we must do some thing for our Grand and Grand Children life. In my life experience, I felt Honesty is very important in this world. so, I am telling you, Please just try it, if you like Honesty then follow it. Other why’s don’t follow that what I said.
    Good Bless all Human Been in this Earth. (7,051,000,000)We all Brother and sister. Don’t fight for Religion and Caste. Only the political leaders & Darma Guru they don’t want us to be United. If we all re-united (become one) then The Political Leaders can’t Play the Game with us. If they tell us Sheep, then We shouldn’t be like sheep. Religion and Caste will not give you Food and Education. So, why we are fighting for that. let us all be Re-United and built our beautiful country. Our country is already beautiful and Rich. So, we don’t have big problem to develop our country Nepal. My country Nepal is more precious to me, then My life.Hi Thing about our next generation we have to make our constitution like western country. Now we Nepali people have to thing for our Grand Children generation. because they will have more exucation then us and if they get problem in their life after that, they will through our photo in Garbage Can. Because if they get problem then they will convert with western country and when our Constitution made.Western country made 1789 their constitution like USA made constitution on 1787 so, we are made in 2012. Then our Grand son’s and Grand daughters get made to us. They will through Spite on our photo. If you don’t mind then me I don’t care. Other why’s forget Party. All the Leader’s Bo-sexless that’s why our Political leader’s they don’t think our Coming Generation. We must make V.V. Good Constitution in 21st century. Otherwhy’s our Grand & Grand Children’s ger big proplem. That time they don’t know our 601 Leaders name. But they knew our Name because when they apply citizenship, Telephone No. and Transfar Land etc. Government office they will ask them father and grand father name then they will Spit our photo. Think,Think and Think about our Future Generation Ok Nepali Daju Bai & Didi Baini Haru ok

    Mingma & family

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